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Kalindu is very professional to work with and he provides high quality services. Definitely the best place to learn more about data modelling.

-Kenny Choi, Singapore

Exactly what I was asking for! 100% satisfied with his service. I would always recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Excel expert!

- Alejandra, United Kingdom

He is extremely quick and helpful, perfect communication and response to a stressed person like me. Excellent!

- Tofiqueh, United Kingdom

Mr. Kalindu has been an exceptional statistics tutor over past couple of years. I have worked with Mr. Kalindu when my work demanded complex statistical knowledge. I find Mr Kalindu as a skilled, reliable, friendly and professional statistics tutor.

-Dhananjaya, Sri Lanka

Throughout the whole process he was always friendly and polite. The job was done diligently and adequate. Overall a great experience with him. Would highly recommend.

- Felixwa, Germany

He was fast to respond, result matched what he promised. He is really smart and can help you with a lot of subjects, I would recommend sending him a message if you are wondering if he knows the subject.

- Grim Nygaard, Norway

He was really responsible and he maintained a fluent communication all the time while he was doing the project to be sure that he was doing the way that I wanted.

-Adriana, Peru

Kalindu was swift with the replies, and was easy to communicate with no inconveniences. Definitely recommend!

- Zinebja, Spain

Kalindu was extremely helpful! He was able to fit me in for multiple sessions on very short notice. He explained everything well and ensured I understood the accounting questions before moving on. Highly recommend.

-Olivia, Australia

I highly recommend Kalindu as an expert tutor. He worked patiently with me on many occasions, was always very helpful, knowledgeable, and reliable. He was able to teach me in a way that I could understand easily. Since hiring Kalindu as my tutor to help with accounting and statistics, my knowledge and grades have improved considerably.

-Nikki , Australia

Kalindu has helped me with many business and mathematics subjects over the last two years. In person he was extremely knowledgeable and none of my questions ever stumped him. He is very approachable, his English is perfect and he explained the content better than any of my teachers had. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic when he was stuck overseas, his Skype sessions exceeded my expectations and was just as good as having him in person. His prices are also extremely fair. Would recommend and I will use him again when I need help in the future.

- Will, Australia

Provided me with a very detailed analysis with great attention to detail. Super communication and quick turnaround. Very professional. He gives assurance. I highly recommend him and his tutoring.

- Johannes, Germany

Kalindu is a great tutor who is able to pass down the subject knowledge in a very simple and interesting manner. With him, you get inspired to learn more. He is quite efficient and fast to respond too!

-Ramesha , Sri Lanka

Contacted Kalindu for the financial management module tutoring in the MBA. Having it flunked once the self-confidence was anyway down plus the lectures didn't really do justice to the depth of the subject. Kalindu, however, managed to put through most of the subject very easily through his incredible tutoring and was a very motivating tutor. Thank you Kalindu for your easy-go tutoring which made the subject look and feel very easy!

-Thimali, Sri Lanka

Kalindu is an absolute lifesaver! I had an urgent assessment (less than 4 hours due) and was scrambling to find a solution for my problems. Thankfully, I closed my textbook and stumbled upon Kalindu who then explained to me in 20 minutes what I couldn't have learnt on my own in 2 weeks. Many thanks again!

-Edd, Australia

I consulted Kalindu for my CAPSTONE exam which was in June. I had already flunked once, studying on my own. Passing this exam was so important for me to get my promotion at work. I contacted Kalindu just three weeks before the exam as it was the supplementary diet I was taking.
From the first day, Kalindu made me believe I could pass the exam and continued to support me in the best way possible. He cracked the case study and made it super understandable and created more than ten mock questions on his own. We did two full mock exams together before the exam and by the exam day, I was so sure that I was going to pass.
I got the results few weeks ago and I have passed the exam. This means a whole lot to me as my whole career's progression was depending on this result. I am forever grateful for Kalindu's tutoring and highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a private tutor.

-Nithya, Australia

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