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Masterclass on Corporate Finance with Kalindu - Why Join?

corporate finance masterclass Oct 18, 2021

This write-up is about the masterclass that is to be conducted in November. When I was thinking about what makes a great finance manager or a portfolio decision-maker, it was evident to me that, it is the knowledge in the fundamentals of corporate finance that makes the difference. Over the years, I have seen many students complaining that corporate finance was difficult for them to study. True, corporate finance is a subject that has many new concepts for students to learn. However, it does not mean that any of those concepts are too difficult to digest. 

By working with hundreds of students over the years, I was able to figure out that the problem is not in the difficulty of concepts but in the way those concepts are taught. Many teachers, tutors, and lecturers make alien concepts more alien by bringing extremely theoretical examples or too complicated practical examples. When I eliminated making the subject look complex, I noticed that students were having a great time learning it. Let me explain this to you using an example. 

Corporate finance has many calculations. I always advise my students and harp that you can have only four types of operations in any calculation. Namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. So how difficult can a calculation really get? If you know the above four operations, it is almost a guarantee that you are able to work something out. This positive mindset has helped my students to be confident about the problems they solved. 

In teaching corporate finance, you will have to bring in a lot of stories from real-world companies. It is the story that matters. If this story is coupled with step-by-step guidance in cracking the code of performing calculations, no student will get stumped in corporate finance examinations. This has been my mantra over the years to teach this subject and it has been the success formula of many successful students as well. 

Corporate finance is an important subject. If you are a student who is learning or aspire to learn any branch in the field of finance, you WILL have to go through the fundamentals of corporate finance. Therefore, it is imperative that tutors take the necessary steps to make this subject digestible to all students. 

With the above goal in mind, I have decided to conduct a masterclass on corporate finance for all of you who are interested. In this, the below key topics will be discussed. 

  • Key decisions in corporate finance
  • Methods of raising capital
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Stock and Bond valuation
  • Example sums

This masterclass will be helpful for all of you who find corporate finance difficult or want to get better at it. The dates of the masterclass are the 7th and 14th of November. Each day, the masterclass will be from 5 pm to 7 pm AEDT. For both days, a total of AUD 90 will be levied at the time of registering. 

I invite you to join this masterclass and eliminate all the fears and worries you have regarding corporate finance. Register via to reserve your seat!

Bon Voyage with study with Kalindu!